About us

Welcome to Ice Computers

Ice computers is a company focused on bringing the latest technologies into South Africa. With a wide range of the latest technology goods and services, we wish to empower our customers so that they can function and handle the demands of today’s world.

In computers portfolio of products spans that entire range of brands available through major I.T companies worldwide. Our product range includes general office equipment, such as Laminating Machines, Shredders, Printers, Computers, internet equipment and all associated accessories.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that we stand head and shoulders above our peers, ice computers strives to introduce the widest variety of technology solutions which are available and by doing so at affordable prices. We provide a comfortable and convenient operation in which our customers can interact with our company and its staff to obtain the best results.

Our Vision

At Ice Computers, we aim to offer 100% customer excellence at all times. Getting to know our customer needs and requirements is a very important aspect as it ensure that they get their monies worth. Our experienced sales team is equipped to provide the best service.

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Ice Computers is a one stop distributor for the best IT brands.